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Our role is to provide value to our members specifically and, more generally,
to the overall bilateral relationship between Canada and the UAE.

The CUBC leadership team provides:



The CUBC is an expert body that advances business activity between Canada and the UAE daily.
It provides strategic information and insight into trade and investment
opportunities in Canada and the UAE.


The CUBC works with researchers and advisors who are experts in their
respective fields to deliver economic analysis, forecasting, studies, survey
results, up-to-date quantitative and qualitative information relevant to trade
and investment between Canada and the UAE.


The CUBC has a premium network. It continues to grow and cultivate
this network to ensure high-level access in the public and
private sectors for its members.



The CUBC is a facilitator of trade and investment opportunities. Its
experienced professional staff offers quality and timely business services
to its members such as:

Advisory Services
Promotional Support
Invitations and Details Regarding Private and Public Events
Up-to-Date News
Leadership and Support For Trade Missions and High-Level Visits
Assistance With Market Access Strategies
Seminars, Conferences, and Forums For Education and Networking



The CUBC upholds its founding vision “to achieve the shared goal of enhancing economic prosperity for both countries”. Through various efforts, including the “#InvestCanadaUAE” research and trade promotion campaign, the CUBC is promoting the economic relationship to the business communities and the public at large in both Canada and the UAE.