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The CUBC provides memberships, sponsorship opportunities, and trade and investment services to organisations interested in the Canada and/or UAE markets.


CUBC membership is exclusive and is focused at the executive level. Members are approved by the CUBC Executive Committee.

CUBC members are senior decision makers of best-in-class private corporations or organisations. There are five CUBC memberships available, each with different levels of access, recognition, and services.

1. Associate Members
2. Corporate Members
3. Board Members
4. Vice Chairmen’s Circle Members
5. Chairmen’s Circle Members

If you are interested in becoming a distinguished member of the CUBC, please contact info@canadauaebusiness.org with “membership” in the subject line to discuss your eligibility for an invitation to join.


For all sponsorship opportunities, please visit our sponsorship page. Companies and organizations are also invited to contact us about sponsoring existing our collaborative events and resources.


The CUBC’s expert team provides trade and investment services to private and public sector entities. This includes leading trade missions, market intelligence, advisory services, and introductions.

Contact info@canadauaebuiness.org to enquire.